“Everything you can imagine is real” Pablo Picasso

An economist exploiting programming skills to deliver original, accurate and interactive outputs.

As a member of research of research group in the think-tank IDEA at CERGE-EI on Acadamy of Sciences in the Czech Republic I create policy studies focused on the czech scientific landscape. I also study Ph.D on Institute of Economic Studies on Faculty of Social Sciences of Charles University. My dissertation focuses on academic misconduct and globalization in science, with special emphasize on evaluation of science. My supervisor and close co-author is Martin Srholec.


I am passionate about data processing. I scrape the data from the internet, process it and in the end create an interactive web-based visualization. I work with Python, Javascript, D3, PostgreSQL and cloud technologies in AWS (EC2, Lambda, RDS).


Predatory Journals

Globalization in Science

Technology Transfer


Data Processing in Python

European Economic Integration